Expo 2020 is now only a few months away! As a global recruitment resource for the events and entertainment industry, THE Production TEAM has access to a varied talent pool to assist you with all your staffing requirements for the event. Whether you’re looking for event staff, event logistics crew, technicians or entertainers we can assist in not only finding the right people but also ensuring you are compliant with UAE law.


We have a team of highly experienced people in place along with our tried and tested recruitment procedures and systems to ensure that we’re able to meet the complexities of working within the UAE. This includes a thorough understanding of the visa process, along with the ability to arrange the appropriate insurance policies and medical cover.


Here at THE Production TEAM we take Worker Welfare extremely seriously. We are committed to not only achieving but exceeding Expo 2020’s Assurance standards. We ensure that the welfare of our workforce is considered throughout the recruitment, onboarding, training and mobilization phases.


We promise fair and free recruitment, ensuring that all employees understand the terms and conditions of their employment. Everyone is treated equally and without discrimination; the dignity of employees is protected and preserved, and harassment or abuse of any kind is not tolerated. The right of employees to retain their personal documents is respected; employees’ wages and benefits are paid on time and in full; employees have the freedom to exercise their in-country legal rights without fear of reprisal. We provide a safe and healthy working and living environment.


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